Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Photo Scan App

Ok phone "Oukitel K6000 pro" cheap modern phone about £130 new on Ebay inc post from UK seller, this has no macro setting so normal phone shots taken using “A Better Camera” app.

Same phone using “PhotoScan” app.

Normal digital camera I bought 6 years ago Pentax K-r

This is my first scan with the app I chose the postcard fairly randomly from the album on my desk, based on it looking fairly good on the detail front.

all three shots are first tries I got my first computer and decent camera in about 1970 and have become very lazy with technology over the last 45 years. pictures should expand when clicked on compulsively - type of kidney   
“A Better Camera” app

PhotoScan” app.

 Pentax K-r

now the details
“A Better Camera” app
PhotoScan” app.